TRIDELTA business group

As our company has evolved from the porcelain factory founded in 1890 to today’s innovative TRIDELTA business group, so have our products also adapted to the progress of modern technology. In the early 1950’s hard and soft magnetic ferrets were developed as another ceramic product line in today’s controlling company TRIDELTA GmbH (formerly Keramische Werke Hermsdorf). Since then the company has grown into a major ferrite producer in Europe.

The philosophy of TRIDELTA GmbH is based on the development of products and solutions that are innovative and individually tailored to customer needs.

TRIDELTA GmbH - Commitment to Excellence

As the European market leader, we supply magnetic powders and magnet segments of the highest quality.

We develop permanent magnets and magnet systems for a variety of applications.

We build injection moulds and pressing tools on the highest technology standard.

We manufacture highly porous sintered materials that are all-rounders for highest demands.

As a service provider, we offer IT infrastructure solutions.

Numbers & facts

  • founded in 1890
  • annual turnover of approx. 30 mil. Euros
  • located in Hermsdorf and Dortmund
  • approx. 250 employees

  • focus on technical ceramics, magnetism, sintering technology and toolmaking

Corporate investments

TRIDELTA-history in Hermsdorf


Founding of the porcelain factory Kahlo with subsidiary in Hermsdorf


Beginning of producing technical ceramics


Invention of the Delta-Bell (world famous product marking, today’s company name TRIDELTA derives from it)


Beginning of producing porcelain insulators


Change of name to “Hermsdorf-Schomburg-Isolatoren-Gesellschaft” (HESCHO)


Beginning of ferrite laboratory production


Founding of Keramische Werke Hermsdorf (KWH)


Beginning of the serial production of over-voltage conductors


Founding of the TRIDELTA AG


Acquisition by JENOPTIK AG


Sale of the focal points hard and soft ferrets, over-voltage conductors and toolmaking to a private investor and forming of the “new” TRIDELTA-group together with the location in Dortmund


TRIDELTA over-voltage conductors is integrated into the Japanese Meidensha Corporation

TRIDELTA-history in Dortmund


Beginning of magnet work in the Magnetfabrik Aplerbeck in Dortmund


Founding Deutsche Edelstahlwerke AG (DEW)


Thyssen Edelstahlwerke (TEW)


Formation of Thyssen Magnettechnik GmbH


TRIDELTA purchases Thyssen Magnettechnik GmbH


Foundation of Tridelta Dortmund GmbH, Tridelta Magnetsysteme GmbH and Tridelta Siperm GmbH


Inauguration of the first German magnetic museum on work premises


Beginning of fundamental rearrangement of company premises

TRIDELTA Campus Hermsdorf

Hightech-location for ceramics and electronics in central Germany

The location initiative was founded in December 2017 by 23 companies from Hermsdorf and the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems.

Hermsdorf is considered a traditional location for technical ceramics. Shortly after the founding of the first porcelain factory in 1890, the town became world famous for the Tridelta-Bell and the development and manufacturing of electrical porcelain for insulators. Today, the Tridelta Campus Hermsdorf e.V. promotes cooperations, economy and science at the Hermsdorf hightech-location.